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  • Monthly Paylist: December
    A bit off topic, but I figured just about anyone could benefit from some new music. With that said, I've been using Spotify for a few years now, and faithfully make a new playlist each month. Enjoy!
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  • The Terminal Tower observation deck will be open at night
    I'm looking forward to scoping out the holiday lights from the 42nd floor of one of the most iconic structures in Cleveland. Living here my entire life, I'm a bit surprised that I've never made my way up there before.

    You can look forward to seeing a handful of festive prints available in the store.
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  • Case Study: The Colettines
    AMF Digital Media had the pleasure of being responsible for the album art and photography used for the Colettines self-titled debut album.

    Our involvement in the project may cause you to think we may be a bit biased, but trust us, The Colettines are awesome!

    Read more to listen to The Colettines and find out how our services can help your band.
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  • Van Damn!
    "I've had my ups and downs. My fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That's what made me what I am today."

    Jean-Claude Van Damme still impresses. As far as commercials are concerned, the recent viral video produced for Volvo Trucks is a great one in terms of the overall concept, camera work, and composition.
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